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#CritU is a critical and abolitionist university studies reading group open to everyone who wants to do the reading. We meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month via video conference for a casual discussion of a selected book or article.


Critical university studies examines the role of higher education in contemporary society and its relation to culture, politics, and labor. It takes a critical stance toward changes to the university since the 1970s, particularly the shift away from a strong public model of higher education to a neoliberal privatized model.

Abolitionist university studies is an invitation by Abigail Boggs, Eli Meyerhoff, Nick Mitchell, and Zach Schwartz-Weinstein to bring a left abolitionist approach to the university: Abolitionist university studies "negotiates two paths at once: reckoning with universities’ complicity with a carceral, racial-capitalist society while creating an alternative, abolition university. We ask, Are prisons and universities two sides of the same coin?"

#CritU explores these topics in a reading group format that is open to people at all education levels with any or no university affiliation.

This Month

Campus Sex, Campus Security
by Jennifer Doyle
Semiotext(e), 2015

September 22, 2020
7:00 - 8:00 pm EDT
Video conference link to come


August 2020:
"Critical University Studies and the Crisis Consensus"
by Abigail Boggs and Nick Mitchell
Feminist Studies 44.2 (2018)


#CritU was created by Dr. Alexandra Edwards. You can get in touch with her at the links below.